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Writing games that are good clean fun... high quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your non-computer buddies. C64/Amiga style games for the next generation.

You must own a copy of Pocket Tanks Deluxe to use weapon expansion packs. Order your copy today by clicking here.

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Oct 26th
This is the core set of weapons included in every single version of Pocket Tanks. These are the classics!
Single Shot

The default weapon, medium sized explosion and good points

Big Shot Large explosion radius, but points are low
3 Shot 3 bullet spread, medium explosion size, low points per explosion
5 Shot 5 bullet spread, medium explosion size, very low points per explosion
Jackhammer Bullet bounces straight up 5 times... lots of fun to use
Heatseeker If the bullet gets close to the opponents tank, it flies toward it
Tracer Fires a spread of 5 bullets that tell you how much to change your angle for the next turn
Pile Driver Small amount of damage, but explosions are directed down creating a hole
Dirt Mover Directional dirt removal based on the angle when fired
Crazy Ivan Proximity-based multi-warhead with unusual yet fun results
Spider Spider web effect that sprays the closest tank when it goes off
Sniper Rifle No explosion radius, large points, throws the tank nicely, deadly
Magic Wall Vertical wall will grow where the bullet lands
Dirt Slinger V-shape dirt effect based on location where bullet lands
Zapper Laser beam emits from bullet if it gets close to tank
Napalm Exploding liquid that covers and burns everything caught in its wake
Hail Storm Hundreds of bouncing ice pellets that flow along the ground
Ground Hog Ground weapon that tunnels through the dirt and explodes on other side
Worm Ground weapon that tunnels through dirt, but tries to dig upward
Homing Worm Same as worm, but stops when it passes under tank and rises upward
Skipper Skips a number of times before exploding
Chain Reaction Random explosions in the general area where the bullet landed
Pineapple Shell explodes when close to a tank, emitting a large number of tiny explosions
Firecracker Horizontal spread of explosions based on where the bullet lands
Homing Missile Stops horizontal speed when it passes over a tank
Dirtball Dirt forms where bullet lands
Tommy Gun A very satisfying automatic machine gun-style weapon
Mountain Mover Explosion removes dirt, but takes no points from tank
Scatter Shot 5 bullets spread upward where bullet lands
Cruiser Bullet 'cruises' along terrain for a few seconds before exploding

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Oct 26th
These weapons put the word "Deluxe" in Pocket Tanks Deluxe, taking the game to the next level. Fly with Jump Jets, experiment with Bouncy Dirt, and discover new ways to play!
Jump Jets

Tank will fly into the air based on angle and power (power divided by 4)

Mud Pie Huge amount of dirtball bullets thrown into the air
Pin Cushion Similar to Pineapple, but each resulting mini-bullet is a Zapper
Laser Battery Lasers target the area where bullet lands, and fire in a circle surrounding it
Cannon Ball Metal sphere bounces and rolls along ground, no explosion but lots of points awarded
Wacky Tank Randomly changes the angle and power of the tank that's hit
Digger Narrow tunnel is dug into ground based on the angle fired
Glue Bomb Covers ground with glue. It counteracts Bouncy Dirt, and stops cruiser-based weapons
Fission Bomb Multiple upwardly splitting warheads with huge area of effect & huge damage
Late Bloomer Similar to Ground Hog, but launches 5 bullets when it emerges from the ground
Fire Bolt Flying fireball that only burns for so long, so get it there quick for more damage
Color Bomb Emits a huge rainbow of bouncy bullets when it gets close to a tank
Potholes Great for ripping the terrain apart and trapping tanks in holes. Very large area of effect
Boomerang Cruiser weapon that comes back when it lands... so don't hit yourself
Popcorn Many little bullets that sputter across terrain causing damage, but no explosions
Sprinkler It's as easy to hit yourself with this weapon as it is to hit someone else
Well Digger Digs you out of 'any' amount of dirt that may be covering your tank
Bouncy Dirt Tiny pink balls of liquid rubber cover the ground, making the dirt reflect bullets
Super Tracer Spread of 10 tracer bullets that tell you how much to change your angle
Minigun Machine gun bullets with small explosions and decent damage
Laser A bullet that will go straight as an arrow out of the turret
Super Skipper Bullet that skips a large number of times before exploding
Crater Maker Once the biggest explosion in the game; still pretty good points though.
Big Dirtball The Dirtball's big brother
Super Zapper A super-charged version of the Zapper with more point and a much further reach
Cruball A cruising Dirtball
Mega Cruiser A Cruiser with a big explosion and lots of points
Roller Cruiser-based weapon that only rolls downhill
Heavy Roller A Roller with big explosion and big points
Flash Blast Explosion scorches ground and extracts points, but leaves dirt

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Feb 8th
The first free weapon pack ever released. I prefer to keep my games light-hearted, but it's a long standing tradition to mention nukes at least once in any classic artillery game. :)

Medium explosion size, but the hardest hitting weapon in the game

Mega Nuke Huge explosion size, but not quite as powerful as the Nuke
Pillow Fight Direct damage on impact, with exploding feathers for splash damage
Sink and Swim The enemy tank 'sinks' into a hole, as hail showers them from above
Hotfoot An underground weapon with timed detonation + upwardly multiplying warheads

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Feb 8th
Fly higher with Blast Off, ricochet bullets with Bouncy Wall, and learn why Beehive is one of my all-time favorite weapons. This is the first for-sale weapon pack ever released.

Surround your opponent with cruisers

Beehive A swarming hive of bees that attacks if tank is too close
Blast Off More powerful than Jump Jets, and clears away terrain near you
Fire in the Hole Makes a big hole, fills it full of Napalm, then covers with dirt
Lob-o-Matic Missile that bombs the target when it gets close
Rainbow Dirt Covers a large area of terrain with a thin layer of dirt
Super Laser Straight laser shot, but burns through many layers of terrain (4x)
Ground Shocker Large spread of underground tunneling missiles
Bouncy Wall Builds a wall made of rubberized dirt
Lodestones Lots of magnetic bullets
Particle Bomb Explodes near tank, releasing burning shrapnel in all directions
Magic Forest Grows a forest of mini Magic Walls
Buckshot Burst of little bullets that spread out the further they travel
Quad Missile Four small missiles release at a distance, then home in
Carpet Bomb Difficult to miss at a distance, very powerful with line-of-sight

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July 26th
Released at the same time as the Meteor Pack, free weapons like Volcano, Pedestal, and Fire Storm demonstrate exciting new gameplay possibilities to explore.

A huge spray of flaming napalm

Skimmer On impact, two bullets fly out horizontally and ricochet off terrain
Volcano Massive eruption that throws fire and debris everywhere
Pedestal Puts the tank up on a high pedestal
Fire Storm Multiple explosions with a sea of bouncing fireballs

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July 26th
Like a shooting star, the Meteor Pack features weapons from the heavens such as Comet and Meteor Shower, as well as down-to-Earth choices like Dome Protect and Old Faithful.
Meteor Shower

Calls down a rain of meteors from the sky

Roman Candle Six sparkling flares all fired in the same path
Flying Digger Digs into the ground where the missile lands
Comet Explodes on contact into six highly bouncy fragments
Sunburn Explodes near tank, fires laser beams that bounce off terrain
Riptide Sends out a horizontal wave of reflective missiles
Buzzsaw Chews up the terrain as it bounces along
Static Ball Bouncy object that 'shocks' any nearby tanks
Mystery Bombs Four randomly diving bullets, larger than average explosions
Flower Power Tunneling missile that spreads multicolored bouncing bombs
Turn and Burn Sets the fuse near your tank then rockets you to safety
Dome Protect A dome of dirt generates around your tank
Backfire A random tank teleporter with a twist
Old Faithful Extremely powerful version of the Hail Storm
Bouncy Bomb Big crater with lots of bouncy dirt, the perfect setup

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Mar 17th
Released alongside the Power Pack, free weapons like Chaos Grenade and Tar Ball bring an element of mystery to what would normally be a well calculated shot.
Chaos Grenade

Bouncing grenade that launches random weapons (powerful)

Tar Ball Creates a pitch black ball that traps tanks in hard-to-see terrain
Lightning Strike Bolts of lightning radiate in all directions, large area of effect
Acid Rain A cloud forms that rains bullets, will stop over opponents tanks
Porcupine Projectiles cut through any defense to hit fortified opponents

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Mar 17th
Feel the power, as you discover new ways to outsmart the other tank. Fire the unstoppable X-Ray Cannon, hide in a bouncy Shelter, or try the Bazooka for a really big kick.
Power Grid

Complex grid of electricity forms to shock tanks near the outer edge

Shadow Blast Causes damage and chars the ground pitch black
X-Ray Cannon Unstoppable spread of laser beams that cut through terrain
Bazooka Line-of-sight weapon with huge damage and explosion size
Lucky Shot Clears a path before launching, then fires heat-seeking missile
Shelter Creates a dome of bouncy dirt, then digs tunnel to fire from
Fire + Ice Highly volatile bouncing fire/ice combination
Anvil Drops from above, damaging tank and sinks it into the ground
Flare Three warheads trigger when bullet starts to drop
Super Flare More powerful version of Flare with five warheads
Fracture Creates unstable holes in ground, often putting tanks in a bad spot
Claymore Shrapnel explodes outward charring terrain, powerful with direct hit
Phantom Swarming unstoppable bullets surround tank in just about any spot
Earth Mover The very big brother to the Mountain Mover, huge dirt removal
Flak Generates an arc of flak that hovers in the direction you aim

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Dec 8th
A special edition free pack to celebrate the release of Super DX-Ball. Every weapon is a must-have with Super Star, Flea Circus, and Gamma Blaster leading the race.

Super DX-Ball's Fireball power-up makes a cross-over appearance

Flea Circus Lots of 'flea' bots hop around looking for a reason to explode
Super Star Flying star explodes into 3 pieces then orbits and fires at tank
Drillers Multiple warheads become homing missiles when underground
Gamma Blaster Magnetized gamma radiation particles fly through air and terrain

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Feb 3rd
Released at the same time as the Fireworks Pack, free weapons like Gravity Well and Burnt Popcorn are visually stunning and fun to use.
Gravity Well

Colorful swirl of energy that causes all sorts of trouble

Hot Potato Keep it hopping... the more it bounces, the bigger the bang
Funnel Trap an enemy tank in a steep valley made of bouncy dirt
Crazy Wall It's a wall, it's a weapon, and it's a little bizarre
Burnt Popcorn Fiery Popcorn weapon that really heats things up

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Feb 3rd
Fireworks have never been so much fun! You don't need a permit to launch these weapons at your next big event. Heat things up with the Solar Flare and cool it down with Snowblower, just to name a few.

Colorful pyrotechnic display that can pack a serious wallop

Super Nova Huge 'star' burst of bullets that travels through land and air
Great Wall Builds "The Mother of All Walls", from the bottom to the very top
Snowblower Cover your 'neighbor' in a thick layer of the fluffy stuff
Lava Cannon Burns through the terrain and starts fires along the way
Solar Flare Bullets rain down across the playfield, being underground is smart
10 Shot Typical 'shot' weapon that includes ten warheads
Stinger Massive 'V' of bullets that is very useful and very dangerous
Mega Reaction Nuclear enhanced Chain Reaction weapon, extremely powerful
Ant Farm Flying and digging warheads create 'ant hills' around enemy tank
Sonic Blast Massive shockwaves rip through both land and air
Rockslide Boulders tumble downhill, damaging and burying opponents
Lightning Rod Calls lightning down from on high
Star Dust Dust flies everywhere causing damage and confusing sensors
Water Balloons Launch a barrage of water-filled balloons... you'll love it!

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Aug 28th
This free pack includes weapons such as: Snowballs, Neon Blast, Collide-o-scope, and more. Released at the same time as the Gold Pack.

A barrage of snowballs bounce and roll downhill

Sledgehammer Vertical homing shot that packs a punch
Collide-o-scope Colorful, bouncing and homing chain of bullets
Neon Blast Bright flashes of light confuse and damage the opponent
Island Carves out a floating island from the terrain

Windows Download
macOS Download
Aug 28th
Are you feeling lucky? Both the Golden Bullet and the Mass Driver offer big risks with even bigger rewards. Or play it safe and dig across the screen with Tunnel or fill the skies with Flying Discs. Luck favors the prepared.
Golden Bullet

Thirty duds and one lucky golden bullet that you won't forget

Melt Down Creates a sinkhole in the ground and fills it with lava
Streamers Tons of streaming bullets that bounce everywhere
Mass Driver Summons an asteroid from orbit... head for cover!
Molten Plastic Covers the terrain with burning bouncy dirt
Spinner Colorful wheel of light that causes damage
Flying Discs Releases an armada of flying saucers that zap
Phaser Laser weapon that can't miss if you have a clear line-of-sight
Shredder Makes the terrain impossible to move across and causes damage
Aqua Bomb The fuse is lit, and someone is going to get drenched
Tunnel Creates a tunnel all the way across the screen
Lava Turns the terrain into molten lava and throws it into the air
Bouncy Ball Jumps around like a super ball, leaving bouncy dirt behind
Laser Strike CAUTION: Laser radiation - do not stare into beam(s)
Whiplash The bullets take a second shot if they missed the first time

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Apr 27th
This free weapon pack offers exciting and novel weapon designs, such as missiles launching from the sides with Side Kick, and building a high dome over the other tank with Blockade.
Fuzz Ball

Bouncing energy ball that sheds magnetic 'fuzz' bombs

Burning Rubber Flaming molten rubber that coats the terrain
Side Kick Bullets fire from the sides of the playfield
Blockade Encase enemy tank in a hollow shell
Stun Gun Two bullets are launched, spreading out over time

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macOS Download
Apr 27th
Throw tanks across the screen with Tornado, drag them into the heavens with Tractor Beam, or just let 'em have it with the Graviton. You'll enjoy pushing the other player around with this weapon pack.

Cruises along ground, damages terrain, and sends tanks flying

Thor's Hammer Lightning strikes tank from flying hammer
Stampede "Herd" of cruisers cover the ground, bouncing tanks around
Hot Coals Black char bursts into flames and bouncing hot coals
Fizz Bombs Caustic smoke is released from bombs that fizz and pop about
Graviton Bullets attack tank, pounding it in 'all' directions... my favorite!
Shield Bouncy arc forms over your tank, leaving room to fire
Firefly Looks like a calm summer night, and about as dangerous
Glue Storm Coats the entire terrain with glue
Glue Gun Fires burning glue when bullet nears enemy tank
Run 'n' Gun Bullet bounces and rapid fires directly at enemy tank
Scorcher Massive fire ball flies through air and covers ground
Saucer Attack Call down two flying saucers on the enemy tank
Tractor Beam Drags tanks out from far underground and into the sky
Smoke Bomb Releases caustic smoke and messes with controls

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Nov 16th
An epic free pack. All five of these weapons are some of the best ever created. Includes: Nanobots, Phase Missile, Gyro Glue, Warp Gate, and Tesla Coil.

A high tech 'cube' bursts into a swarm of robots with lasers

Phase Missile Missile phases through dirt and orbits tank for bonus damage
Gyro Glue Swirling and burning glue with a large area of effect
Warp Gate Wormhole + explosive objects from the 8th dimension appear
Tesla Coil Turns the enemy tank into the center of an epic lightning event

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macOS Download
May 16th
Free weapon pack that gives you the amazing new Railgun, but also dares to show you the most intentionally useless weapon ever. Beware the Lemon!
Magic Beans

Colorful seeds that explode and sprout walls

Grab Bag There's no telling what will happen when it hits
Railgun Disintegration ray that also cuts through terrain
Sand Storm Dust cloud forms and buries an area in sand
Lemon This weapon is a 'lemon'. Hope you don't get it!

Windows Download
macOS Download
May 16th
Treat your enemy to a blast of electrochemical oxidation with Acid Bombs, creep in close and drop a Lead Balloon down his hatch, or hide yourself with the ever festive Bubble Wrap. Corrosively good fun!
Acid Bombs

Corrosive acid that eats through all types of terrain

Chroma Blaster Colorful spectrum of bouncy missiles
Cauldron Underground weapon that stop under tank and boils it in oil
Zipper Zig zagging weapon that is one part skill and two parts luck
Bubble Wrap The ultimate sphere of protection from both land and air
Chalk Dust Calcium bicarbonate has never been so much fun
Mower Cuts terrain and any nearby tanks down to size
Trailblazer Leaves behind a dazzling and dangerous trail of particles
Bulldozer Clears a layer of dirt from the entire screen
Lead Balloon Doesn't fly very far at 'any' power, but very explosive
Dive Bomb Warhead does a bombing run on the other tank
Toaster Lightly toasts a rather large area of the terrain
Time Bomb Bouncing bomb that counts down from 10 to 1 then explodes
Burn Barrel Can of gas that bounces, burns, rolls and explodes
Char Large spray of red particles burn the terrain

Windows Download
macOS Download
Aug 4th
This pack reaches new heights with the high-flying Sky Strike, and new lows with the never-miss Cheap Shot. Along side the Laser Pack, the free Rocket Pack shows the very latest in weapon innovations.
Pop Rocket

Underground rocket that launches tanks into the air

Sky Strike Tank becomes flying target practice for homing missiles
Power Washer Powerful stream of water targets your opponent
Cheap Shot Teleports a bomb directly on top of the other tank
Blackout Neigh invisible bullet that shrouds area with darkness

Windows Download
macOS Download
Aug 4th
Lock on to your very own high grade laser satellite, no physics degree required! Put out hot streaks with the Fire Hose, and rise to new heights with the Elevator. Gain intergalactic renown with the Laser Pack!
Space Laser

Powerful orbiting satellite fires at targeting beacon

Bunker Buster Unstoppable missile that literally cuts through any defense
Bushwhack Ordinary shrubbery + ACME plant food = danger
Repeater Fireworks effect with a bit of a kick
Puddle Jumper Splashes trouble everywhere it lands
Elevator Lifts your tank above ground and onto a hovering platform
Breakout Digs huge tunnel and jettisons your tank before dirt collapses
Orbiter Laser lightshow that orbits and attacks
Bouncy Tunnel Creates a long tunnel with bouncy walls
Barrage Launches salvo of missiles that home-in on target
Fire Hose Make the other tank "drink from the fire hose!"
Bumpers Builds huge bouncy walls that cover the sides of the screen
Web Emits a spectacular tangle of webs to trip up your opponent
Blowtorch At close range, sweeps the area with burning flames
Mudslide Erupts from the ground with a shower of dirt

Windows Download
macOS Download
Oct 26th
Take the party to the next level. Watch as the Dazzler amazes your friends, and the Torpedo is always a blast! (Exploding party favor included)
Party Popper

Super-sized party favor with exploding confetti and streamers

Torpedo Turns land into water as it flies through it, highly explosive
Dazzler Colorful blasts and vivid effects that daze and confuse
Trick Shot Bouncing and homing mini sniper bullet
Glue Stick Creates a wall out of burning hot glue, with splash damage

Windows Download
macOS Download
Oct 26th
What could be a bigger blast than the Blast Pack? Play a game of Leap Frog, or zap your opponent with the Shock Wave and then hide out in the Bunker. Good times guaranteed!
Bubble Blast

Trapped in a bubble, tanks float in a sea of suds

Spectra Laser Prism that fires a rainbow spectrum of lasers
Leap Frog Tank hops around blasting enemy tank with laser beams
Cluster Bombs Bombs burst into tons of miniature homing rockets
Showdown Lifts both tanks to the top of the screen, eye to eye
Corkscrew Creates a jagged pit with bouncy walls
Booster Rocket Powerful rocket launches your tank through the air
Hedge Vines grow sideways on impact, blocking the sky
Quicksand Destabilizes the terrain, allowing tanks to sink in
Laser Tracer Tracer for weapons that are unaffected by gravity
Shock Wave Electrifies ground, zapping and bouncing tanks around
Gummy Worms Burst up through ground, creating bouncy glue worms
Jump Rope Two streams of bouncy bullets unroll from warhead
Super Funnel Missile drops from on high, building a funnel around tank
Bunker Builds bouncy dome, then tunnels the tank underground

Windows Download
macOS Download
Feb 29th
Hands down, the coolest weapon pack ever! Five frozen weapons engineered to turn your opponent into an icecube. Don't forget to wear your scarf!
Ice Crush

Supercooled terrain turns into a huge dry ice bomb

Liquid Nitrogen Liquified gas skitters about and freezes tanks before boiling off
Flash Freeze Ice crystals burst forth then shatter into millions of pieces
Avalanche Boulders made of snow knock tanks downhill
Snow Drift Soft fluffy snow blows in the wind and sticks to tanks

Windows Download
macOS Download
June 27th
Is it getting warm in here? This is the hottest weapon pack ever made, in a manner of speaking. Bonfire will roast 'em like a marshmallow, and the Heat Lamp will keep your opponent nice and toasty!

Roast 'em like a marshmallow

Eruption Pillars of fire blast tanks into the air
Blaze Slashes of fire burn holes in terrain and tanks
Heat Lamp Keeps opponent toasty like your favorite fries
Zinger The most tenacious weapon ever created

Windows Download
macOS Download
June 27th
Outer space is a very large place, and that's why the Space Cannon is big enough to completely destroy the broad side of a barn. Split planets with the Crackdown, or perhaps buy a new barn with the Pot 'o Gold.
Space Cannon

Calls down an epic laser beam from outer space


Bouncy bullet that emits magnetic particle bursts


Bolts of blue energy chase & sizzle tanks

Laser Grenade

Laser light show with opponent at center stage


Swarm of robotic warheads follow the leader


Rapidly digs holes and throws dirt everywhere

Pot o' Gold

No leprechaun at the end of this rainbow


Jagged blasts underground erode the dirt above


ACME instant ice age in a can

Paddle Ball

Red bouncy ball tethers itself to other tank

Tidal Wave

Surfs up, I hope you brought your boogie board


Heavy bullets pound deep into the ground


Forest of ice crystals freeze tanks to the ground


From launch to impact, this thing explodes


Digs a wide trench into the terrain, plus damage

Windows Download
macOS Download
Nov 30th
Free pack that goes from ultra hi-tech attacks like the Plasma Orb, to the simple pleasures of childhood with the Bubble Gun and Carbon Crawler. A perfect pairing for the electrifying Energy Pack.
Plasma Orb

Zap 'em and trap 'em! A colorful attack with the wrath of Tesla.

Bubble Gun An epic bubble blowing toy that has gone to the wild side.
Star Cruiser Races along the ground, filling the heavens with stars.
Lock Box Send the tank flying and lock it in a tiny bouncy box.
Carbon Crawler Twisting pillars of burnt carbon trap and ensnare.

Windows Download
macOS Download
Nov 30th
An exciting pack crackling with potential. Tachyon Beam or Wildfire WILL find and hurt your opponent. For the tank seeking a challenge, Yo-yo and Cavern can hilariously backfire if you're careless.
Energy Spike

Creeping, crawling weapon that will reach out and shock you!

Laser Net

Your supermarket scanner never did this, don't look right at it!

Tachyon Beam

An unexpected, unstoppable onslaught of exotic particles.

Fire Wall

A super heated wall of flames burns down to a pile of ash.

Freeze Ray

Every mad genius has one, now you can add it to your arsenal.


A remotely-controlled swarm of relentless nanites.


Goodness gracious, whirling balls of fire!

Robotic Worm

A mechanized military grade worm, with lasers - OW!

Hot Spring

Deep from the terrain come pumping geysers of boiling hot water.

Mirror Ball

Get down tonight with this bouncing ball of destruction.

Twist Rockets

A trio of warheads bumble their way towards victory.

Black Forest

Dark and spooky woods complicate your opponent's shot.

Rubber Paint

This paint is made for bouncing and that's just what it'll do.


Just. Don't. Miss.


Builds a winding tunnel directly between both tanks.

Windows Download
macOS Download
Oct 24th
Discover the most whimsical weapon pack of all-time. Squeaky fun follows the Toy Hammer everywhere it goes, while Lollipop and Glitter Gun leave opponents up to their ears in a magical mess.
Toy Hammer

Bouncy dirt and explosive toys burst from this fun hammer weapon.

Glitter Gun Fire a fabulous frenzy of shining glitter dust to bury your foe.
Beach Ball Bring the beach to the battlefield with blasts of scattered sand.
Bounce House There is plenty of room to move around in this bouncy fort.
Lollipop Hit the tank and turn it into a life-sized lollipop tree.

Windows Download
macOS Download
Oct 24th
Blow away the battlefield with this windy weapon pack. Find exciting twists on old favorites with Rapids and Whirlwind, and unleash attractive new weapon effects with Magnet and Super Magnet!

A whirling wind to whip and toss your enemy out of whack.


Back pocket weapon shoots a spray of bullets with a nasty recoil.

Hot Seat

If you can't take the heat, get out of the hot seat.


A wave of water to wash away the tank and terrain.


Beat your enemy into the ground so they can't return fire.


Will this industrial sized super shredder blend a tank? Yes.

Robot Blimps

Send a fleet of retro robotic blimps to assault your enemy.

Slime Ball

This mixture of acid and slime splits, bounces, sizzles & sticks.

Paintball Gun

Shoot a barrage of colorful dirt bullets to splatter your foe.


Windy vortex that chases the enemy and delivers tanks via airmail.


Your enemy won't rise from the ashes with THIS firebird.

Sneak Attack

This unstoppable ninja of a weapon sneaks up on unsuspecting tanks.


A directed deluge of acidic waste siphoned from deep underground.


An electromagnetic bomb that, when activated, pulls both tanks in.

Super Magnet

A dangerous upgrade to Magnet that pulls both tanks from the start.

Windows Download
macOS Download
Oct 24th
The science of weapon creation has been pushed to the limit in this free pack. Tamper with hyperspace, tunnel deep underground with space weapons, and unleash robotic missile turrets just for fun.
Quantum Cube

Hyperspatial calculations summon high energy particles with a mind of their own.

Missile Turret Automated anti-tank missile weapon bombards your foe.
Ion Cannon Crust busting space weapon damages the tank while digging deep.
Backtrack Hit your foe and back away to avoid retaliation.
Oil Slick Throw a barrel of oil and a lit match, then watch the field burn.

More weapons are on the way,
so come back soon!
(Over 15 years of making new weapons and counting)

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